Northern Illinois Men's Amateur
Golf Association

NIMAGA - Northern Illinois Men's Amateur Golf Association


Prizes and Prize Eligibility

Prizes in NIMAGA tournaments consist of prize certificates which are redeemable at many pro shops and sporting goods stores throughout the Chicago area (Who Accepts NIMAGA Gift Certificates). The prize certificates are distributed at or are mailed out after each tournament. Generally, about the top 30% of the entrants in each division receive prizes. The number and amount of prize certificates awarded in each tournament is determined by the number of entries in the tournament. In addition to a prize certificate the winners of each division  receives a plaque commemorating his achievement.

The NIMAGA board strongly recommends that each NIMAGA member report all accumulated scores every two weeks excluding tournament scores which will be reported by the Tournament Director. NIMAGA Tournament Directors will report all regular and midweek event scores to Certified Golf.

In order to be fully eligible to win prizes in a NIMAGA Tournament, a member must have recorded on the Certified Golf Handicaps, Inc. handicap revision sheets the following number of scores:

Event Name and Date of Event Month Minimum Scores Tournament Entry Due Date Interstate's Revision Date Used
Spring Thaw (April 15) April no requirement April 4th April 1st
April Midweek (April 26) April no requirement April 15th April 15th
May Jamboree (May 6) May at least 1 April 24th May 1st
May Midweek (May 15) May at least 1 May 1st May 1st
NIMAGA Cup (May 24) May at least 2 May 10th May 15th
Summer Classic (June 4) June at least 2 May 23rd May 15th
June Midweek (June 14) June at least 3 June 3rd June 1st
Senior Open (June 27) June at least 4 June 17th June 15th
NIMAGA Club Championship (July 15 & 16) July at least 5 July 3rd Ju;y 1st
July Midweek (July 25) July at least 6 July 14th July 15th
August Classic (August 5 or 6) August at least 6 July 2th July 15th
August Midweek (August 14) August at least 7 August 2nd August 1st
NIMAGA Players Championship (August 26 & 27) August at least 8 August 12th August 15th
Two Man Better Ball (September 10)  September at least 9 August 29th September 1st

Any member who does not fulfill the foregoing requirements for a tournament will be eligible in that tournament to win no more than a $15 minimum prize.

New Members - A new member is not eligible to win more than a $15 prize in any NIMAGA tournament until his handicap being used for the tournament reflects at least five scores made as a member during the current year and has completed a NIMAGA tournament for his NIMAGA handicap.