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C&G Match Play Tournament

2018 C&G Match Play Tournament (MPT) for NIMAGA Members

Tournament Directors: Ray Riemer, Tim Jordan & Terry Boksha

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Determine Handicaps

On the day of your match, to get the course adjusted handicaps that you will use,
  1. Go to to access your "Handicap Card" (IGH) Index and "Tournament Handicap" Indexes.  The latest revision date should be the same for both. Write down the lower of the two indexes for both you and your opponent.

  2. Go to the course website and write down the "Rating / Slope" for the tees you will be using.  The middle tees will be used unless both you and your opponent agree to use another tee.  For accuracy, get the Rating / Slope from CDGA.

  3. Go to and enter the "Index" and "Rating" to get you and your opponent's course handicap.  The higher handicap gets the differential on the lowest numbered handicap holes.
Alternatively, use the new MPT Handicaps Calculator.
  • Do not use the MPT Handicaps Calculator for your match if the date of
    the Regular Handicap is before the date of the Tournament Handicap
    as Tournament Handicaps may be updated between Revision Dates.

Report Results

Both competitors are responsible for sending Match results to MPT Headquarters within 24 hours of playing.

MPT Adjusted Scores will be submitted to Interstate by MPT Headquarters. Do NOT submit any MPT scores to Interstate!

Convey the following information in an email to
  • Date Played
  • Course Played
  • Course Rating / Slope
  • Winner
  • Adjusted 18-Hole-Score
  • Holes Up
  • Last Hole Played
  • If Tie, Last Hole Won
  • Opponent
  • Adjusted 18-Hole-Score


2017 Match Play Tournament finalists

The final matches of the 2017 NIMAGA Match Play Tournament were played last Sunday at the historical and challenging Calumet Country Club in Homewood.  The four finalists earned their way to the Finals this day by winning their previous four matches, and the right to compete for their respective Division's MPT Championship on this beautiful course at no cost to them.  Both matches were played from the white tees, and were preceded by six fellow NIMAGA members who competed in their own mini-match tournament.  The day was sunny and very hot, yet the course was in immaculate condition to set the stage for the final two matches of this 10th edition of the season long MPT.


In the Hogan Division, Larry Zakosek, playing in his first MPT Finals, beat Dennis Samoska 1 Up in a highly contested match that went the entire 18 holes.  Larry was really only challenged once in getting to the Finals when he snuck by last year's finalist James Kotula in sudden death in the quarter-finals.  Dennis got here by overcoming Rick Ivonavitch, also in sudden death in the semi-finals.  Larry has had numerous good performances in MPT's in the past, but never like this year.  Larry played smart and steady golf all day to distinguish himself with his first MPT Championship.  Dennis, always a tough competitor, played fearlessly, and had to fight back all day giving up 10 strokes, and incredibly took Larry to the final hole before accepting defeat and exemplifying great sportsmanship. 


After the 14th hole in the Jones Division, the consummate gentleman, Dan Plens had John Snow "dormie".  The fiercely competitive and former MPT Champion John Snow wasn't done yet though.  On the 15th hole, knowing he had to win the final four holes to keep the match alive, drained a 60' putt to almost assuredly win that hole.  Dan couldn't believe it, but shook it off, and calmly stepped up to his 20 footer and sank it for the half and a 4 & 3 victory!  Dan's wild fist pump after the putt dropped was the perfect exclamation mark on this match.  There were a lot of great shots in this match, including John holing out on his second effort from a sand trap to par a hole to beat Dan.  Dan had his best friend Jan along to watch the competition, and was very emotional in winning his first MPT Championship.  Not only did his emotion tell what this victory meant to Dan Plens, but it also signifies what the NIMAGA Match Play Tournament is all about!


Congratulations to Larry Zakosek and Dan Plens for an outstanding tournament!  They will each be rewarded with a $135 NIMAGA Certificate, Championship plaque, and received the gratis round of golf at Calumet, and a qualification for last month's NPC.  For finishing in second place, Dennis Samoska and John Snow each will receive an $85 NIMAGA Certificate, and also got the qualification for the NPC.  


Also winning NIMAGA Certificates in the tournament were:


Semi-Finalists ($43 each)

William Schultz

Rick Ivonavitch

Steve Schumm

Jeff Lyman


The final brackets and pictures from Calumet Country Club are attached.  Carl Movrich won the mini-match play tournament on Sunday, and Tim Prentiss came in second.  There is no doubt all 10 players enjoyed the competition and beauty on this Donald Ross designed course.  Special thanks to NIMAGA and Calumet member Bill Walsh for making the arrangements.  Thanks also to Shawn Pipes for his timely updates on the NIMAGA website this and every year.


In 2008, with the full support of then NIMAGA President John Brdecka, we created the Match Play Tournament For NIMAGA Members.  The MPT became a sanctioned NIMAGA Tournament in 2014 under the guidance of current President Frank Fiarito, and was renamed NIMAGA Match Play Tournament.  John and Frank have been most instrumental in encouraging us to make this the best match play tournament we could for our great organization...NIMAGA!  After 10 years, we feel we have, and are ready now to turn it over to two new Directors who we think can take it to even greater heights.  We hope that all of you who have participated in the MPT over the past 10 years have enjoyed it as much as we have running it.  With over 600 matches, some great Finals venues, and 19 deserving Champions, we feel pretty good on what we have accomplished, and hope that this season long Tournament will continue on for many years to come.  We appreciate everyone who has helped out and supported us with our mission.  We encourage you all to attend the NIMAGA Members Meeting on Thursday, October 19th at 6:30 PM at White Pines to meet the new MPT Directors, in addition to good eats, and sharing input about NIMAGA.  We hope you all had a great NIMAGA season, and have an even better one in 2018!




Carl Movrich & George Zdarsky
Carl Movrich & George Zdarsky
2017 Match Play Tournament Directors


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